California belongs to all of us, and all of us belong in California.

We are proud to live and work in California. Our history of working hard makes our state the fifth largest economy in the world. California continues to lead the nation and the world in renewable energy, agricultural innovation, and natural resource development. And we do this by working together.

But for California to continue to lead, we have to stick together. We must stand with, and for all Californians, including the jobs that support our families.

We need to work together to make sure politicians consider every working family when making decisions in Sacramento.

We need to work together to make sure that all working families are benefiting from our state’s abundant resources, creating good local jobs in the communities where working Californians can afford to live.

We need to work together to make sure that as we march forward, we produce, grow and manufacture everything we can locally so that we do not leave hardworking Californians behind.

California belongs to all of us. Working together, we can make sure that all of us who work so hard, still belong in California.

Common Ground is part of a joint labor management committee between the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California and the Western State’s Petroleum Association.

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