Dear Chair Rivas and Members of the Committee:

On behalf of the nearly half a million members of the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California, AFL-CIO, I write in opposition to SB 674 (Gonzalez) unless amended to ensure that any emission monitoring subsequently required by the California Legislature is effective, efficient, and neither duplicitous nor designed to be punitive towards a legal industry.

Our local Building Trades Councils are active in their regional Air Resources Boards as their members work in many of the industries regulated by the Air Boards, and more importantly, their members and families live in the communities that host these regulated facilities. We share our local Councils’ concerns that, if enacted, this bill will cause confusion as it will create potentially inconsistent requirements with local Air Resource Board monitoring.

Additionally, we want to stress that we, along with our local Councils, share the author’s concern with local air quality, but we want to ensure that the monitoring that is being contemplated is to that end and not to punish the legal industries that employ our members and allow them to provide for their families.

For the reasons listed above, we must oppose SB 674 (Gonzalez) unless amended and respectfully request that you vote no when it comes before you in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.

Legislative Representative

Common Ground is part of a joint labor management committee between the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California and the Western State’s Petroleum Association.
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